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Featured reviews

Having long term neurological issues that affected my running and posture, Pauls' approach to whole body study, linking the muscle chains through the body from head to toe and understanding what is going on or wrong with brain output has really helped me stabilise my body and get back to sensible levels of activity.
Robin Bacon
Fell runner
After seeing this post I was reminded of how terrible it was to suffer migraines with intense visual disturbances. I’m happy to say since visiting Paul around 2 years ago I still haven’t experienced another migraine. He truly understands how the body works as a system. His aim is to reset the body so that his services will no longer be required. 2 years of back pain gone in two sessions and a life time of migraines gone in one.
Marco Lelio Furio
Skiing Instructor
Paul calls it science; I call it magic. I didn’t have a sports injury, just an aching back, particularly when I drove long distances. Paul didn’t give a nice massage to make it feel better temporarily, but identified the cause of the problem and worked out exactly how to rectify it. I’ve had amazing results! Very clever and definitely worth it.
Emily Lewis


Our Story and philosophy

RESTORE was founded by Paul Martin in 2005.

Today RESTORE enjoys a first rate reputation spanning Powys & Shropshire and draws in regular visitors from as far afield as Anglesey, Caernarfon, Hereford & beyond.

Our practice is rooted in years of offering first rate Sports massage for amateur, professional and aging athletes. We have provided specialist support to a number of world champion athletes, local cycling, running, and triathlon clubs and far reaching ‘extreme sports’ events across the UK.

These days we follow a brain led ‘applied neurology’ approach using coordination and reflex assessments with specific movement tasks to address muscular imbalance – the root of many of our most chronic aches and pains.

Booking a session with RESTORE will allow you to interact with someone who understands the complexity of how your brain affects your muscles and unites and integrates all the body’s systems and processes. 


By understanding the value of looking at clients as the sum of their parts and not just a bunch of unrelated systems, we have learnt precisely how…

“…movement can be used to influence your brain and how your brain can be utilised to influence your movement”.

If you’ve suffered the effects of long term injury, postural problems, issues with your flexibility or coordination, and muscle imbalance, we are uniquely trained to assess those problems in a way which builds up a more contextual understanding. 

We have the knowledge to assess how the ailments you experience in your body correlate to the systems that control those things.

Focused soft tissue therapy is still used to support this process and to specifically target local tissue stress or injury.

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