Accupuncture for sports injuries

A no nonsense use of needling specifically for reflexive relief of muscle hypertonicity


At RESTORE needles are used when appropriate and deemed likely to provide the greatest benefit


Many explanations are given for how needles work. Our work is entirely based on constant reassessment of your movements, pain and muscular responses to challenge. For us its all about altering sensory feedback to the brain and reflex response. We have come to realise that in certain circumstances nothing beats a couple of needles for releasing that stubbornly tight muscle or trigger point. Or for simply waking up dormant, deafferented structures such as chronically damaged ligaments and firing up whole chains of muscular activation. 

Please not we are not trained as acupuncturists. Rather we have been trained specifically in the area of acupuncture for sports injury.

Our acupuncture is used as an adjunct to our musculoskeletal therapy’s and does not comprise our primary approach. We do however have excellent acupuncturists on our referral team to  whom we can refer when needed. 

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