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Anatomy in Motion

A common sense view of human biomechanics from all three dimensions!


The no-nonsense movement therapy taking the world by storm. As seen on BBC’s Doctor in the house 


AiM is a movement therapy based on the careful observation and detailed understanding of walking patterns (Gait). Since the human organism is quite literally wired for walking, all musculoskeletal dysfunctions are revealed in gait if you know how to spot the signs.

Walking and movement assessments are a key part of the approach and the treatment. 

AiM see’s human movement from the most important perspective there is. What the nervous system is seeing… or not seeing. It serves as both a diagnostic assessment and therapeutic protocol. Lost movements can be reintroduced and relearned in a manner which is safe, contextual, enjoyable and staggeringly simple. Your body/nervous system does the work for you. Your practitioner serves as a guide and a mirror to the proccess. 

As fully fledged proponents of this philosophy we look forward to helping you decipher your compensations and take the first steps towards healthier movement. 


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