Foundation Training & Back Pain

Foundation training for lumbar disks

Lower back pain? Disk bulges?
Motor control first - strength & conditioning second.

If you are dealing with chronic back pain  please ensure you have been properly assessed and stabilised prior to attempting these routines. 

At RESTORE our job is to assess your motor control, coordination and muscle balance.

Spinal problems can affect everything from core control and hormone levels through to your vestibular-occular reflex. Thats how well you coordinate your eye movements with your balance system!

No system in the body is unaffected by spinal issues.

If you are in a state of significant compensation or having an episode of pain you may need some retraining at this level prior to taking on large, gait based movements for strength. 

Pay close attention to appropriate function of the posterior chain

The below routines are quite similar to familiar yoga style movements.

Nothing like a touch of Yoga at home in the hills!

There are also similarities to Anatomy in Motion protocols. 

Anatomy in Motion suspension-propulsion protocols in action with VOR neural objectives


Daily posterior chain strengthening exercise

With the benefit of Eric Goodman’s Chiropractic training, what we see is a routine that brings all three together to create an excellent and convenient focused protocol for people with back pain. 

Personally, I combine it with some AiM training, some yoga and some basic squats for a short but effective HIT in the morning.  

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