kinesiotape by Sporttape


RESTORE is a loyal supporter of Sporttape - quite simply the best performing Kinesiotape avaialble...


A quick simple method to get you painlessly through your event when pushed for time or an active rehabilitative tool…


At RESTORE we use kinesiotape for two primary reasons:

  • Fluid management in the case of injury or chronic swelling
  • Proprioceptive feedback to aid movement retraining – used as an adjunct to our main therapy. 

Many of our treatment modalities are concerned with getting to the underlying causes of pain or chronic injury – faulty motor programs in the brain. We use kinesiotape to reinforce or continue to provide a specific stimulus after the treatment has concluded to help cement these measurable changes. More often than not kinesiotape works as a sensory tool in the RESTORE clinic. 

Below however, is an example of how we can use Kinesiotapes excellent fluid management capabilities to treat your injuries too…

Kinesiotaping for inflammation and fluid drainage - Soft tissue therapy

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