Re-wild your nervous system!

Whats new in the RESTORE clinic...?

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The fact is that in the three years since our last email much has changed and we need to shout about it!

During those three years the RESTORE clinic has taken a journey from foot to jaw. From hyoid to hallux. Stepping out of previous educational boxes and relearning;

  • Anatomy from the perspective of movement.
  • Physiology from the perspective of evolution
  • Injury from the perspective of survival.

In a word CONTEXT.

We are left with a profound insight into the fact that brain is boss, and by the way, it still thinks you’re a hunter gatherer.


Imagine running across the open plain to escape a sabre toothed tiger….
…you sprain your ankle but the tiger doesn’t seem to be open to negotiation, the attack continues.

Your brain knows that at all costs you must survive this attack. So the instant the ankle was damaged you began to alter your movement patterns to accommodate and work around the new injury.

Every single joint and muscle begins to manage your mass through your movements differently. Your centre of mass shifts away from the damaged side and your brain tries to lessen the impact forces on heel strike. Even the way you swing your arms has changed to help throw your mass away from the pain.

You survive the attack! PHEW!

Trouble is, 20 years later when the damaged tissues of the ankle have long since healed, your brain is still asking the question “am I still surviving?” and the answer is still YES. Therefore nothing needs to change. The movement strategy that allowed you to survive the tiger attack worked very well for you so why go back to previous movement patterns? After-all this is about survival not necessarily comfort!


Tissues heal but the brain learns.


Imagine yourself to be a wild animal, with a ‘nervous’ nervous system still physically and psychologically part of a complex, dynamic and sometimes dangerous ecosystem. Then training without injury, moving away from chronic pain or re-introducing more optimal movement strategies will seem much more possible.

Put yourself back into the context of the ecosystem you evolved in! Does the primitive, flight or fight part of your brain feel that your stressful day sat at your desk at work was insignificant, or the 21st century equivalent of being chased by a sabre toothed tiger.. for over 8 hours! Do you then go and raise your heart rate to the max at that evenings spin class because you are told that its the healthy thing to do?

There is no such thing as dysfunction!
The purpose of the next two emails, is to explain what we’re talking about so that you can start to see how every musculoskeletal pain, injury or modest discomfort is just another expression of one global movement strategy that exists to help you survive better.

We hope to shift perspective from focusing on the negative ‘there’s something wrong’ to a more proactive ‘how can this be done better’. Or investigating the question…

…’why has the brain/body chosen this as its most effective posture or most efficient way to move?’

Don’t give your body a hard time about being in pain or not standing up to what you ask of it but rather pay attention to the evolutionary miracle that is adaptive movement.

Stay tuned but please also feel free to unsubscribe. Don’t be a slave to emails or your device! That’s a different kind of sabre-toothed tiger!