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Marco Lelio Furio
Marco Lelio Furio
https://www.facebook.com/1830974647211827/posts/1846825898960035/ After seeing this post I was reminded of how... terrible it was to suffer migraines with intense visual disturbances. I’m happy to say since visiting Paul around 2 years ago I still haven’t experienced another migraine. He truly understands how the body works as a system. His aim is to reset the body so that his services will no longer be required. 2 years of back pain gone in two sessions and a life time of migraines gone in one.read more
Birgitta Zoutman
Birgitta Zoutman
Superb service and treatment. Paul really knows his stuff. I particularly like that he properly explains what's... happening and why. Highly recommend. I was back on crutches due to pain in my leg and he's eased it enough so far that I don't need them.read more
Steve Edwards
Steve Edwards
Paul is highly personable as well as thorough and knowledgeable. Recommended.
Dotti Torry
Dotti Torry
Paul has this incredible ability to address individual symptoms, physically and mentally with great professionalism.
Neville Simpson
Neville Simpson
I tore a muscle in my calf playing walking football. I know, at my age ! I can highly recommend Paul to sort out your... sports injurysread more
Wendy Peate
Wendy Peate
Sarah Bone
Sarah Bone
AMAZING. ..Thank you Paul.
Andre Hutchinson
Andre Hutchinson
Louise Herbert
Louise Herbert
Clive Onions
Clive Onions
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"After years of fun and self inflicted pain spent chasing around the mountains of the world; rock climbing, altitude mountaineering, ski-ing, fell running, long distance cycling and some knee crunching rugby thrown in my body and especially knees are frustratingly giving up. After long days out in the hills I'd retire to bed in severe pain. A recent visit to my doctor and a knee specialist confirmed damage and the expected onset of arthritis, surgery Oh No ! My only alternative course of action to slow the inevitable process:- work the supporting muscles harder and a visit to a magician (Restore Sports Massage). Cynical as ever I was starting to believe that the surgeons knife was on the cards and nothing could help, the surgeon thought so as well. Paul's massage treatment has left me almost pain free, no behind the knee cramping tendons and a flexing of the knee joint that I haven't enjoyed for several years. More impressive I spent 6 days out in the mountains of Scotland last week, I'd normally return semi crippled from such a trip with a painful swollen knee. I cycled to work as normal the day after I got back and sleep pain free. It's amazing how depressed you can get when you're denied fun in the hills or just riding your bike to work. Back on the road to a fully active life, for an old man. Thanks Restore" !
"I have traveled the world as a piano player for 20 years and experienced many types of treatment. I have decided after seeing him again recently for some work on a tricky shoulder and elbow pain that Paul is the the best I have ever experienced. Not only is he thorough and extremely knowledgeable about the latest techniques and science behind his art, he also has great taste in films! I can't recommend him enough". Paul Beard - Paul is a Musical Director and keyboard player for artists such as Robbie Williams, Bryan Ferry and Leona Lewis. Beard also produced Lilly Allen's version of the Keane song 'Somewhere Only We Know' reaching number one in the UK singles charts in November 2013.
After several months of debilitating headaches which kept returning after a minor head injury a few years ago, the doctor eventually suggested I try migraine medication… I was keen to avoid strong medication if possible and in the search for a different solution I came across Paul's clinic. In the first session, Paul established that part of the problem was with the muscles in my jaw - he treated that and then gave me exercises to do. Literally since walking away from that first session with Paul I have been headache-free!!! I've been so impressed with Paul's expertise and professionalism: his focus is always on getting to the root of the problem and looking at the whole-body picture. Thank you so much for your help!
"You don't have to run, climb, cycle, ride horses or do any sport whatsoever to benefit from Paul's expertise. My sporting days are over and I am of advanced years (OK, I am 73) and was suffering from huge, debilitating tension headaches caused by muscular tension in my neck and shoulders. A combination of medication and regular and continuing visits to Paul have substantially eased my problem, restored a high degree of normality to my life and enabled me to minimise my medication. Thus I now have a regime that vastly reduces the headaches whilst avoiding most of the inconvenient side effects of medication. As an unexpected plus, Paul has also treated my lower back muscles and reduced problems in that area substantially. Paul has a wide knowledge base which he regularly expands via suitable courses. He is expert, personable, honest and I cannot recommend him and his treatments highly enough."
"I have visited Paul on a number of occasions now, each with a new injury, or limitation. I find the way Paul methodically goes about diagnosing the cause, and not treating the symptom fascinating. Often left a little mind blown by the depth of Paul's knowledge, and his understanding of the integration of the human body. I firmly stand by the statement that Paul is one of the most talented, and educated people I now know. Nobody should want, or seek treatment regularly. Although I do now look forward to a session if I pick up a new injury.... Until next time".
"I’m a professional mountain biker and I’ve been using Paul over the winter to help me with the constant stress that my training plan throws at my body. Paul has done a great job in getting rid of aches and pains, and I look forward to working with him throughout this season. I highly recommend his expertise". Matt Simmonds"


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“Very pleased. Paul found and fixed two chronic conditions that other therapists missed. He things and fixes them and prices very reasonable. Easy booking appointments on line. Would definitely recommend this clinic”

Rob Bridgeland Jan 2020


 “I found the whole experience to be positive and now have the tools to start my recovery. Thoroughly recommended.”

Steph Williams July 2020


” Paul is an excellent therapist who has improved my posture and pain beyond belief. Thank you so much.”

Tim Bungay 25 Aug 2020


“Fantastic session and check over from Paul. Highly recommended, cannot remember the last time I was injured. Paul is a credit to his profession.”

– Gary Simpson 27 Aug 2020


“One of the best therapists I’ve used. Attention to detail is amazing and so thorough in trying to find root of the cause. Definitely would highly recommend Paul to others.”

– Carrie Moore 4 Aug 2020


“I have seen Paul several times with various issues I’ve had, very knowledgeable is an understatement, he resolves the issue every time and finds the root cause, highly recommended”

– Kirk Vickers 11 Aug 20


“Paul approached my injury in a thorough, scientific and professional way, identifying other potential problems along the way, I was a bit sore when I left but that has eased now, looking forwards to my next full session of treatment”.
– Dave Brookes 13 Aug 2020



Andre Hutchinson
a year ago
A Genius! Recovered as a result of his analysis and advice..Got me through many marathons..and the like..Total confidence in his holistic approach.

Matt Barlow

2 years ago
Highly professional service. A very knowledgeable practitioner who was able to identify and treat my specific issues. Great value for money. Highly recommended.
Michael Hawksby
2 years ago
Extremely professional service by a very knowledgeable practitioner. I have literally left amazed at the results from a visit.

Mel Price – 1 Mar 2015 – Fell running Champion
Having had a blow to my Achilles’ tendon by a heavy gate during the Anglesea Marathon, I was unable to run. My achilles became inflamed, sore and there was a strange ‘crunching’ sensation! I had a race coming up in less than 2 weeks time and I was desperate to get it sorted as soon as possible! (I’m not very patient and hate resting) so I made an appointment with Paul…who worked his Magic!! The following day there was a notable improvement to my injury.. And with sensible training and a follow up appointment, I was able to not only complete my race.. But win it  the injury is completely gone now.. I can’t thank Paul enough!

Tony G Williams – 14 Mar 2015
Paul adopts a very different approach from other practitioners, which has proven to be more effective than any other professional I have used in the past. After only one session Paul identified the core postural issue that had troubled me for many years – something that no one else had been able to establish.The advice given and alternative body movement exercises he suggested have significantly improved my posture and well being. For the first time in many years I feel I understand the root of my problems. His diagnosis was spot on and over the following weeks with regular new movements being introduced to my body and a mindfull approach to how I walk and sit I feel better than I have done in many years.

Iain Wilkinson – 2 Mar 2015
Paul’s work is absolutely spot-on, and made a significant difference. As some other people have noted, it’s not just the thought and amount of work Paul puts into his treatments, it’s the service as well. He takes time to explain his thought process, and why he believes x is an issue rather than y, helping you understand and take ownership of your own condition. The gait analysis in particular was really valuable and helped drive what I could focus on as well. Truly great, professional service, would recommend anytime.

Durga O’Brian – 2 Mar 2015
Having suffered back problems for many years and seen many professionals in relation to my back, who have only ever treated the symptoms not the actual problem. I certainly found Paul has worked his magic, in fact it wasn’t my back that was a problem it was an old rib injury and a muscle issue that was causing my back pain which at times was so bad I had problems doing every day tasks. I found Paul to be highly knowledgeable, skilled and professional in everything he does, but also takes the time to explain to you so that you have an understanding what has happened. I would like to say a huge thank you as if it wasn’t for you I would continue to of had my back problem. I would recommend Restore to anyone who required treatment.

Scott O’Brian – 2 Mar 2015
“Since first seeing Paul back in Feb 14 the difference he has made is immeasurable; without a doubt he is a ‘genius’! The progress he has made in establishing the cause of my various musculoskeletal injuries then treating makes other physiotherapists/therapists pale into insignificance. Rather than simply treat in a reactive manner, he has been proactive in identifying the causes of my imbalances/injuries and has implemented ways in which to get my body to work in the way that it should rather than through an acquired and incorrect way of ‘doing things’.

Thanks very much Paul, you have completely overhauled my ‘system’ neuromuscular and muscular, I haven’t felt this ‘unbroken’ in years! :-). I have been able to resume my physical training with increased élan, with my powerlifting being the main benefactor due to better posture and increased muscular efficiency all of which has been achieved through movement re-education.

If you’re struggling with injuries then I highly recommend Restore, the knowledge and professional expertise Paul brings to this area can only benefit athletes, exercisers and sedentary people alike.

Five stars!”

Javi Hidalgo – 10 Jul 2014
In my group of friends we call him “The Miracle Man!” and in all honesty when you walk away fixed it feels like he is. I went for a climbing related injury and Paul got me up and pulling on the wall in no time at all. Really happy with with the service and the outcome as he sorted other long standing issues at the same time. Wouldnt hesitate to use Paul again and again.

Andrea Parrish – 3 Feb 2014- Horse riding.
“As a competitive horse rider I look after and ride big, fit horses every day. This entails undertaking the menial tasks such as mucking out and lugging buckets as well as jumping fences on cross country courses, show jumping and doing dressage tests. I often end up with very sore, stiff muscles, obviously made worse when I take the occasional tumble or after hours sitting in the office when I’m at the day job. I have been seeing Paul regularly to address some muscular issues that periodically crop up and he works wonders – seriously! His holistic method of working the muscles not only allows me to function pain free but improves my posture and performance in the saddle. The massage balances out my body which enables me to ride correctly with equal weight in the stirrups – a prerequisite for helping my horses clear the fences. My improved posture always enhances my core strength and encourages me to use the right muscles – making me more secure in the saddle. I thoroughly recommend Paul’s services and can genuinely say that when I start with any muscle pain I immediately book myself in for a massage.”

03 Jan 2014 – James Gough. Climber
After resting what I believed to be a finger tendon issue, casued from excessive rock climbing without joy, I finally thought it was time to see a professional. Paul quickly identified the problem (which was nothing to do with my finger) and set to work. A few sessions later I was back climbing, pain free for the first time in months. I just wish I’d have visited sooner. An absolute genius, I cannot recommend enough.

Jack Towl – 29 Mar 2014
“You don’t have to run, climb, cycle, ride horses or do any sport whatsoever to benefit from Paul’s expertise. My sporting days are over and I am of advanced years (OK, I am 73) and was suffering from huge, debilitating tension headaches caused by muscular tension in my neck and shoulders. A combination of medication and regular and continuing visits to Paul have substantially eased my problem, restored a high degree of normality to my life and enabled me to minimise my medication. Thus I now have a regime that vastly reduces the headaches whilst avoiding most of the inconvenient side effects of medication. As an unexpected plus, Paul has also treated my lower back muscles and reduced problems in that area substantially. Paul has a wide knowledge base which he regularly expands via suitable courses. He is expert, personable, honest and I cannot recommend him and his treatments highly enough.”

Emily Lewis – 29 Oct 2014
Paul calls it science; I call it magic. I didn’t have a sports injury, just an aching back, particularly when I drove long distances. Paul didn’t give a nice massage to make it feel better temporarily, but identified the cause of the problem and worked out exactly how to rectify it. I’ve had amazing results! Very clever and definitely worth it.

Becky Wright – 28 Mar 2014
The man is a genius! I have spent a lot of money over the years trying different practitioners with only short term healing being the outcome. Paul has a holistically approach, not only is he fixing me his guidance on my diet and training has resulting in weight loss and improved fitness and strength.

05 Nov 14- Karen Badley. Road cyclist.
I went to see Paul due to continued back and neck problems from work. Pauls knowledge is exceptional and he located the problem where others have failed! I can not recommend Paul highly enough!

29 Jan 2014 – Ewan Caird. Paramount road cyclist.
After a successful 1st season road racing, I developed a pain around my knee. After months passed and it was still not getting better I came to see Paul. The pain in my knee was nothing to do with my knee, and was caused by the muscles in my upper leg. Paul has a vast knowledge of the way the body works. He is friendly and makes you feel welcomed and at ease straight away. I wish I had come to Restore sooner.

Jessica Phillips – 3 Feb 2014 – triathlete
I have had an achy hip for several years, after taking up triathlon; I visited several physiotherapists with none of them fixing my issues, I have now been to Paul at RESTORE for 5 sessions. Paul tried to find out the cause of the issue, which seems to be down my leg, and with some (sometimes) painful but very effective massage my hip feels so much better, I would definitely recommend him. Thank you RESTORE.

30 Sept 2013 – Cory Irvan-Wright. Builder.
After a long period of back problems and seeing many specialists I’m finally starting to see real progress. Paul’s service and advice has been exceptional.

20 Jun 2013 – Andrew Butler. Teacher.
I’ve had chronic lower back and sciatic pain for over a year now. After many visits to physios, chiropractors and osteopaths, who were all good in a way, Paul at Restore really was the person who got to the root of the problem, and identified the spine joint causing the pain. He has excellent anatomical knowledge, introduced me to the delights of kinesiotaping, which really does work! Thank you Paul, I will recommend you to everyone I know!

02 May 2013 – Jayne Chesworth. Office worker and business owner.
“I have recommended Paul to friends and family already and would definitely suggest that if you have any niggles or pain then go and see him. He is extremely efficient and fixed my problem, does a fantastic job. The charge in line for his professionalism and experience was well worth it”.

01 Nov 2013 – Lucy Pulford 62 years. : Radiographer
“This 62 year old woman works as a radiographer and has very stressed upper spine and shoulders and neck. I go and see paul martin for a undoing of my seized up body every three or four weeks. I have felt like a new person each time I have been and the cost is completely justified”.

09 Nov 2013 – Andy Tamplin. Semi-pro road cyclist, cyclocross & XC rider.

I have been seeing Paul for over 5 years now after being brought at gift voucher for an introductory appointment for my birthday. To this day I still remember the feeling after that first appointment and I was amazed how fresh my legs felt after a lifetime of abuse, training, racing and doing sports. Since that day I have been seeing Paul on a regular basis, his knowledge, attention to detail and amazing treatment have been an integral part of my training.

When I had a cartilage injury in my knee, I was out of action for a while but Paul was there not only for the treatment to help re-balance my leg muscles but to also offer advice on training and nutrition.

Paul’s treatments have been an invaluable part of my cyclocross preparation and racing after the last two years of finishing in the top 2 of the West Midlands Cyclo Cross League and before that a top 6 finish at the masters British Time Trial Championships.

I can not advocate enough the value of regular body maintenance, Paul has defiantly the knowledge and skills to get you back on the road from injury or help maintain your body to obtain and keep you in a peak physical condition.

5 Jul 2013 – Mark Almond. Mountainbiker.
Visited Restore for the first time based on someone’s recommendation. I was suffering with knee pain and some tightness in my leg muscles. Paul identified the problem extremely quickly and explained every aspect of what it was, how it could be treated etc. I received a thorough examination and some immediate pain relief. There was no pressure to re-book just friendly advice, help and support. Highly recommended.

03 March 2013 – Matt Simmonds. Professional Downhill Mountainbiker. National Champ & World competitor.
“I’m a professional mountain biker and I’ve been using Paul over the winter to help me with the constant stress that my training plan throws at my body. Paul has done a great job in getting rid of aches and pains, and I look forward to working with him throughout this season. I highly recommend his expertise”. M Simmonds.

14 Oct 2013 – Rachael Hares Podium Ironman Triathalete.
I initially went to see Paul at RESTORE Sports Massage Ltd for treatment to my legs after on-going pain and stiffness whilst training for a Ironman. Rather than just treat the symptoms he tried to identify the cause and found what was causing me the problems. Once this was addressed I rarely suffered any pain or tightness and went on to finish 3rd in UK 70.3 and 6th in IMUK. So a very happy customer!

8 Oct 2013- Mark Benson. Ironman Triathalete.
Quite simply the best massage in the Shrewsbury. Pauls knowledge is exceptional and as a result of this I am able to train better and improve my results. Money well spent in my book.

24 Sep 2013 – Steve Hughes. Ex Fell running Champion.
I’m a Ex-Fell Runner turned Cyclist and Paul has helped me a lot over the last two years with a variety of muscular problems and general aches and pains, which has ultimately kept me enjoying my cycling and staying injury free. Just recently though I’ve had a sudden and serious complication with Arthritis in my knee and ankle joints and Paul has been able to assist massively with my rehabilitation through his great skills with remedial massage and the use of Kinesiotaping. He is a true professional in all aspects of his work and his knowledge base above and beyond his profession is extraordinary. I cannot recommend ‘Restore Sports Massage’ highly enough – the best you will find anywhere. Steve Hughes.

24 Jun 2013 – Chris Romberg. Marathon Runner.
Having damaged a tendon in my calf shortly before the Shrewsbury Marathon, I sought help from Paul Martin at Restore Sports Massage. The combination of massage, Kinesio-taping, and good advice helped me complete the course despite the injury. I was impressed by the professional and friendly service at very short notice, all at a very reasonable price.

24 Jun 2013 – Dan Williams. Half Marathon Runner.
Had a calf injury a week before the Shrewsbury half marathon which was heartbreakind due to te training I had done, I was close to pulling out until someone recommended Restore sports massage. I rang Paul and he was good enough to squeeze me in at the last minute. He made me feel at ease and he certainly know his stuff, one session later and some sticky tape applied to my leg and I walked out feeling like a new man. I managed to finish the run in 2hr 1min which I know would not have been possible without Paul. Very highly recommended.

30 April 2013 – Cathy Voyce. Runner with Shropshire Shufflers.
“I have been receiving treatment from Restore massage as I have needed it over the last year for a crooked back and niggles from my regular running and racing. Paul has excellent diagnostic skills and his treatment is always very effective. On my last visit I presented with tight muscles in my legs when running. He worked out it was my back (which didn’t hurt) that was causing the problem! After just one session I was back to running again without any difficulties. I often don’t have recurring problems because Paul diagnoses the cause so well, he can also advise on prevention. I regularly recommend his service to colleagues, friends and other runners!”

27 April 2013 – Jess Evans. Runner.
“I first went to see Paul in December following foot pain after increasing my running to include long distance and hill work training. Paul recommended straight away that I make an appointment to see Shrewsbury Podiatry Practice as he discovered irregularities with my foot structure. The Podiatry Practice findings included various ailments and I have now had orthotics fitted. I have been visiting Paul on a regular basis to aid my recovery and get valuable advice and insights. After each treatment there is an Instant improvement and I truly believe my running career would be impaired and serious injury would have resulted if it had not been for Paul. He is professional with a wealth of knowledge and highly recommended, I can’t thank him enough”.

23 April 2013 – Pauline Richards. Fell Runner with Mercia Fell Runners. Fell race organiser.
“Before my operation Paul managed to extend my flexibility and enabled me to enjoy painfree walking and running far more than previously and after the operation Paul has taken special care with my recuperation back to fitness in a charming and helpful manner, his technque with the “extra sticky” tape was especially effective”.

27 Oct 13 – Jenny York. Road/TT cyclist & Mid Shropshire Wheeler.
I am a Mid Shropshire Wheeler and on long distance rides have suffered with sore shoulders and aching neck. I decided to go to Paul at Restore to see if he could advise me. On my first visit he gave me a full body check and confirmed that I was indeed suffering from a stiff upper back. He gave me some treatment on this and noticed also that my hips were quite tight and restricting my movement and treated these too. I have had four visits to Paul and can honestly say that there has been much improvement. When I cycle now my legs spin far more easily than they did before and don’t ache so much afterwards and it is only now that I realise that I had a problem! My neck is improving all the time too from the treatment.
It really did show me that although we think that we know our bodies there can be underlying problems that we are not aware of which could catch up with us later in life, especially sports people. I can recommend seeing Paul, he is thorough and very helpful in what he does and makes you feel at ease. It is definitely worth having a sports massage from him frequently to keep the body in tune and to pick up and correct any problems.

16 Nov 2012 – Mike Hawksby. Climber.
“I have been suffering from a painful shoulder for some time and had simply put it down to wear and tear, assuming it was something I would simply have to live with and perhaps consider surgery in the future. I spoke to Paul about this problem and he suggested he may well be able to help. I have now seen Paul twice and I am very impressed with his level of professionalism and his dedication to his work. My shoulder has improved massively, which I did not think possible. Thanks Paul, will be sure to pass on your details to any and all who might be interested”.

18 Aug 2012 – Camilla Stuart. Artist.
“I sought treatment for a knee injury; it didn’t even occur to me that he could help the long-term lower back problem. However, having suffered with this since falling when out running in 2006, I am now very nearly pain free, and the knee is better too. I can wholeheartedly recommend Restore Sports Massage to others”.

20 April 2012 – Elaine Shuter. Beachbody Instructor and Yoga addict.
“I love to push my body to the limits through a variety physical activities. I took considerable time to find the right therapist that would keep me pain free and give me the best support to enable me to keep doing what I want to do. Paul has exceeded every expectation. His skill, knowledge and expertise is beyond anything I could have imagined. Not only do his treatments enable to to keep doing what I want, but his advice and recommendations of what else I can do to enhance my performance have been exceptional. As an added bonus I have a scoliosis which although has never inhibited anything I have wanted to do physically since seeing Paul on a regular basis I have noticed a significant improvement in the curvature. I feel extremely fortunate to have have found someone as outstanding as Paul and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone”.

21 Jan 2012- Jessica Harvey. Primary School Teacher.
“I was treated by Paul following a knee injury in 2008 and was very happy with the service he provided. Both the treatment itself and the advice and exercises he recommended to assist my recovery proved useful and effective. I would certainly recommend him to close friends and family”.

02 Apr 2012 – Jessica State: Personal trainer & Fitness instructor.
“I first contacted Paul when a nasty case of Illitibial band syndrome quite literally stopped me in my tracks. I was walking with a limp, in constant pain and off work sick. Working as a self employed fitness instructor this was not good!!! I saw a noticeable difference after one session wih Paul and after a few weeks of treatment the pain had gone. More importantly than fixing the end result, paul has given me invaluable knowledge and insight as to why I got injured in the first place and how my imbalanced lifestyle was affecting my performance. A few months down the line and I am back at work and fitter than before with a better understanding of a health / fitness balance. Would recommend Restore to anyone :)”

20 Jan 2012 – Carly Kennedy: Post pregnancy physical trainer.
“After being diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease 2 years ago (I’m only 32) and deciding major spinal surgery was not an option I wanted to consider, I resigned myself to living with the pain and a repeat prescription for painkillers. Several friends had ‘raved’ about Paul and insisted that I see him. I went along, very cynical about what could be achieved. Paul has a comprehensive approach, a genuinely high level of understanding, extensive knowledge and undoubted expertise. His ability to identify and work on key trigger points, as well as skillfully use myofascial taping techniques, have all combined to result in me seeing a significant improvement in my back and without the need to take painkillers for the first time in years. This vast improvement to my quality of life is something I honestly did not think was possible and for which I am incredibly grateful”.

15 November 2012 – Gayle Clarke. Runner.
“I first went to see Paul at Restore on the recommendation of a friend as I was suffering from a persistent upper thigh/hip problem that was preventing me from running. Paul not only relieved the symptoms but undertook some impressive problem solving to identify and treat the root of the problem. I have now starting running again with renewed strength in my leg. I would absolutely recommend RESTORE”.

14 Nov 2012 – Kieth Sylvester. Runner with Shropshire Shufflers.
“My name is Keith Silvester. I am a member and competitive runner with the Shropshire Shufflers. I have recently competed in my first Marathon, with a time of 3:09. During my training I was told of the benefits of having a sports massage and recommended to visit Paul. Paul was the first therapist that I had used. Not only did I find the sports massage a huge benefit in the build up to the race, but also his advice, knowledge, and tips were invalid. I sort further help from Paul after the race when I developed a stiffness in my lower back. Paul quickly diagnosed my right glute as being the cause of my problem. After one session of treatment, and advice on the exercises he recommended to assist my recover, the problem has been cured. Paul knows his stuff, and I have no hesitation in recommending his knowledge and services to fellow runners”.

18 Sept 2012 – Ian Randle. Runner.
“I’d been suffering from chronic Sacro-Illiac joint pain in my lower back for over 12 months and had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this was a sign of ageing that I would just have to endure. Luckily for me, my wife bought me a voucher for a Restore massage as a birthday present (back in June), and I eventually got round to making an appointment for a massage last week. I told Paul about my SI problem and he set to work. I’m now 4 days on and the pain in my lower back has almost completely disappeared. I’d got so used to having the pain that I find that I habitually brace myself for it, and am still surprised to find it gone. Many thanks to RESTORE”!

17 Aug 2012 – Philip Murphy. Ironman world championship competitor. SYTRI member.
“My name is Phil Murphy and I am a Triathlete based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and have been competing for two and a half years to date but with a background as a top category cyclist between 1998-2002 before a long break from competitive sport. In this short space of time I have managed to go from slightly overweight recreational racer to qualifying for the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii in October 2012. As you can imagine putting your body through this kind of training in such a short space of time has caused many injuries and required a lot of therapy over the last 2 summers. Paul from Restore was the first therapist I used and have found no need to look any further. Restore has offered my fantastic (although sometimes painful!) sports massage along with utilising other complimentary therapies to keep me on the move and training hard. Pauls, flexibility has been very useful allowing me to fit treatment around work and training on numerous occasions but more than anything I feel it his constant researching and study on Sports therapy that keeps him on top of his game. I would whole heartedly recommend Restore Sports Massage to anyone”.

25 Jan 2012 – Jo Green. Runner, office worker, general fitness fanatic!
“I have had recurring problems with my knees, probably due to running, which I had pretty much resigned myself to having to put up with – or give up running! Paul treated the problem with myofascial taping and the results were really impressive. After just one treatment the pain has eased almost completely. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone. His level of knowledge is amazing and his expertise is far more comprehensive than a standard ‘sports massage”.

23 Nov 2011 – Alex Bristow: Mixed Martial Arts Fighter – Heavy weight. Report from front page article…

RESTORE athlete update: Alex Bristow, heavy weight MMA fighter, wins an impressive victory…

…with kind acknowledgments made to RESTORE Sports Massage in his victory interview;

“I had an injury free training camp and I’d like to thank Paul Martin of Restore Sports Massage for looking after me and keeping me in shape for the fight.”

21 Oct 2011 – Stuart Cathcart: Founder & Owner of HIGH SPORTS Mountain Sports Specialist. British ‘old school’ climbing legend of note! 
“After years of fun and self inflicted pain spent chasing around the mountains of the world; rock climbing, altitude mountaineering, ski-ing, fell running, long distance cycling and some knee crunching rugby thrown in my body and especially knees are frustratingly giving up. After long days out in the hills I’d retire to bed in severe pain. A recent visit to my doctor and a knee specialist confirmed damage and the expected onset of arthritis, surgery Oh No ! My only alternative course of action to slow the inevitable process:- work the supporting muscles harder and a visit to a magician (Restore Sports Massage). Cynical as ever I was starting to believe that the surgeons knife was on the cards and nothing could help, the surgeon thought so as well. Paul’s massage treatment has left me almost pain free, no behind the knee cramping tendons and a flexing of the knee joint that I haven’t enjoyed for several years. More impressive I spent 6 days out in the mountains of Scotland last week, I’d normally return semi crippled from such a trip with a painful swollen knee. I cycled to work as normal the day after I got back and sleep pain free. It’s amazing how depressed you can get when you’re denied fun in the hills or just riding your bike to work. Back on the road to a fully active life, for an old man. Thanks Restore” !

8 March 2011 – Chris Milton: Tatooist and body builder with shoulder pain:
“After suffering with an on going shoulder problem after years of training I have tried numerous treatments and spent a lot of money with no success. I came across Paul Martin after a recommendation from a friend, I can now say after treatment from him im feeling the best i have done for some time, which has enabled me to continue training hard, I will certainly be carrying on the recommendations to other friends”.

8 March 2011 – Laura: Operations Manager / Health and Safety Officer:
“I visited Paul following re occurring knee pain which my GP had entirely dismissed. Paul accurately diagnosed a significant underlying injury and through his network of associates referred me on for specialist treatment and surgery. His expertise and experience both in my pre and post operative treatment have played a crucial role in my recovery, allowing me to return to full activity far sooner than predicted. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone in the future”.

8 March 2011 – Kate: Massage Therapist.
“I went to Paul with long term neck and shoulder problems. I am a sports massage therapist also and expect a high standard of treatment – not always available sorry to say. But Paul was excellent! I woke up pain free for the first time in 6 months. He has a high standard of working, knows his stuff as it were and although it was painful at times I knew by the techniques he was using that at last I had found a therapist who could treat a therapist! Thanks Paul!!”

8 March 2011 – Tim: Paracyclist on an Olympic bid.
“I have been working with Paul in my endeavour to become a GB Paracyclist. His knowledge and expertise have improved my strength and endurance over the last 6 months. His work ethic and understanding have been invaluable!

19 Oct 2011 – Gary Simpson: Marathon runner and Triathlete. 
After using Paul’s expert physio and advice my swim,bike and run times have all improved This has just peaked having completed 3 races in 10 days all of which were personal bests. It included a 3:12 marathon (qualified time)not bad for a 41 year old. I can highly recommend him to all, his nutritional tips and advice is also excellent.

27 May 2010 – Bridget: Knee replacement rehabilitation.
“I visited Paul after major surgery and his expertise and dedication to helping me regain full movement and flexibility played a major role in my recovery, to a stage I doubt I would have reached on my own. I have no hesitation is recommending his services to anyone”.

10 Dec 2013- Clare Eaves on behalf of Telford Carers Contact Centre:
We are lucky to have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of therapists who attend our regular pamper sessions which are offered to local carers within the Telford and Wrekin area. Paul offers an alternative to the more holistic therapy. Carers often comment on how Paul has been able to ‘pin point’ and treat the cause of niggles/pain that have been troubling them for some time. Here’s some ‘carer’ feedback:

‘Very good with skills, professional and high levels of knowledge about body problems, good with massage and fully understands about any medical conditions. His massage always helps me with my neck problems’.

‘I have to say Paul’s massage is so very different to any other masseur I have been to. He always manages to go to the relevant spot without being told. He certainly eases my pains. He has given me great advice, beyond what he needs to do. I always feel so much easier with my back for a few days after the massage. He is always polite and remembers me and my problems. I would recommend Paul to family and friends’.

8 June 2010 – Lisa: Office worker, Sciatic pain: (Contact me for more details: lisa@nile1922.com)
“Having experienced problems with my sciatic nerves for 5 years now and discovering remedial massage in Australia, I am really glad I have found Paul now that I am back in the UK. This type of therapy really helps me, often as a 1 off treatment. Paul was very understanding of my problems and pain and proved to me yet again that remedial massage has huge benefits to someone like myself who sits at a computer all day. You come away feeling immediately better and that continued support is there even by email or phone. Thank you Paul. I would not hesitate to recommend you”.

3 June 2010 – Petra Darnell: Office worker, severe hip pain: (Contact me for more details:petra.darnell@pertemps.co.uk)
“Having suffered from a chronic back condition for over 20 yrs a recent skiing injury created more problems with the onset of arthiritis in my right hip – working with a physio and with Paul at Restore I have experienced a dramatic improvement in the pain I have to endure. Paul explains everything he does and why and creates a very relaxed and healing environment. Having had years of various treatments for my back problems over the years I can safely say that Paul has made quite a difference to my quality of life so far and it can only improve with more treatment”.

1 June 2010 – Mick: Ex rugby player / rehabilitating recreational athlete:
(Contact me for more details: mick@cbtservices.co.uk)
“After having to give up playing rugby and other activities becuase of a neck operation i found myself very unfit and out of shape at the age of 45. Following my rehab I decided to do something about my fitnes, but found that anything i did caused other injuries (i tried cycling but ended up with hip problems). This was very disheartening. i went to Paul afetr various attampts at physio had failed and through accurate diagnosis and deep remedial work i obtained significant benefits. I’ve gone from being a 45 year old “broken” ex-sportsman to cycling 60 miles a week! psychologically, i was ready to give up physical activity, but luckily Paul convinced me otherwise and i’ve obtained the fantastic bebefits. in a nutshell: i would highly recommend Paul to anyone, current or like me an ex-sports person. For me, physiotherapy was both expensive and ineffective. It just didn’t work and i wished i’d seen Paul agaes ago”.

26 May 2010 – Richard: General everyday labourer
“Really honest and competent masseur. He sorted my leg out after many years of frustration in one session. Also, he referred myself to another practitioner for other treatments rather than seeking many unnecessary further visits. I highly recommended him to others”.

20 December 2010 – Katie Maddock: Pharmacist & lecturer (Contact me for more details: K.maddock@mema.keele.ac.uk)
“After suffering from severe back problems for over 20 years (including major back surgery) I found myself in severe pain with pyriformis syndrome and unable to sit for even short periods of time. Physio and osteopathy had stopped being effective and I contacted Paul as a last ditch attempt to recover some mobility. Within 6 weeks I was almost pain free and have remained so ever since. I can’t praise Paul’s care enough – life has improved inestimably since starting my treatment”.

15 December 2010 – Mel Cash: Principle tutor – London School of Sports Massage / ISRM official
(Contact me for more details: 02084 528855 www.lssm.com).
Email from Seeing Hands Clinic, Pokhara, Nepal:

“What a fantastic job you did teaching here. I am really impressed (and I rarely say that!)” – Mel

11 June 2010 – James: Road cyclist
“Having recently incurred an over use Knee injury through some wrongly judged cycling effort, I was able to contact Paul via the MSW wekly time trial meet where after a preliminary examination clinic appointments were made and a very thorough assessment of my injury took place. This was followed by a session of massage of the painful areas together with the recommendation of a strerching programme which brought about a significant improvement in joint freedom and enabled me to begin some easy rehab cycling to keep the joint free. A second treatment followed the first and the joint has made very good painfree progress. I have been most impressed with the professional approach and expertise of Paul and would have no hesitation in commending him to any other sports person who wishes to use his services”.

13 June 2010 – Barbara: Training for the London Marathon.
“During training for the London marathon last year, I incurred an I.T. band injury which was painful! I was unable to put my left foot down which was concerning. Paul was thorough, thoughtful and professional – alongside the sports massage which was excellent, he gave me exercises to do at home between sessions, which were really helpful. I’m more of a ‘fun’ runner if such a thing exists, I enjoy running for my head as well as my body and think it’s fair to say I’m not a natural athlete – Paul’s approach focussed very much on enjoying running and being myself, which was great. I completed the London Marathon with Paul’s support. Barbara”

14 Oct 2009 – Paul: Recreational badminton – Calf strain.
(Contact me for more details: stonky69ATgooglemail.com)
“Following a friend’s recommendation, I went to Paul with a calf tear sustained playing badminton. This was a recurring injury over several years and I wanted to try and identify a possible root cause as well as treating the tear. Over a number of weeks Paul treated the injury and advised me on exercises and stretching to do at home to optimise rehabilitation. Additionally, he worked to try and identify a possible root cause, for which he provided further treatment. He is a good and careful communicator both in explaining the diagnotic and treatment processes (very important to me) and in the way in which he uses patient feedback to guide the treatment process. In my opinion Paul is excellent at what he does; moreover where he feels it is necessary he will help you to work with other health professionals with expertise in complimentary fields. It’s early days for return to sport, but I am extremely confident that Paul has given me the best chance of full recovery from this injury and also of ultimately identifying its root cause. I believe he is a credit to his profession and I would enthusiastically recommend Paul to anyone seeking of this type of treatment”.

08 March 2009 – Natalie: Office worker with headaches and back/neck pain.
(Contact me for more details: psychedelicafrog@googlemail.com)
“After weeks of suffering from neck pain, back pain and headaches caused by too much computer work, I couldn’t believe how quickly Paul was able to relieve my symptoms. Literally within minutes I felt 100% better. My headache stopped and walking was comfortable again. Thanks Paul!”

09 March 2009 – Rich: Rock climber with sore elbows/fingers etc… . (Contact me for more details: peu873@bangor.ac.uk).
“After damaging the tendons and ligaments in my forearms through climbing, I was recommended to Paul for treatment. In a single session he had assessed the problem and managed to provide some incredible pain relief. With the treatment Paul gave me I was back climbing in half the time I thought it would take for the injury to heal. Cheers Paul!”

09 March 2009 – Lizzie: Personal Trainer / coach. (Contact me for more details: lizgym2@btinternet.com)
“Having always been active and after working as a Personal Trainer, I had a 2 year break following a very stressful period in my life. On returning to work, fitness training and running, I found that my body wasn’t happy and rebelled with sore, stiff joints all round. After 6 months of painful training I went to see Paul, who within 2 visits, accurately assessed my problems and I have nearly 100% painfree movement in my hip and knee now. After the agony, comes the ecstacy of painfree movement and I would recommend Paul Martin to anyone who is suffering with joint or muscle problems.
I shall certainly keep up routine visits to make sure no problems reoccur”.

August 2009 – Mel Cash: Principle tutor – London School of Sports Massage / ISRM official.
(Contact me for more details: 02084 528855 www.lssm.com)
“Paul Martin trained in sport & remedial massage at The London School of Sports Massage and is now a highly skilled and experienced therapist. His clinical work is of the highest professional standard and I can strongly recommend him. He also shows great potential as a tutor in this subject and the ISRM would be happy to support him in establishing a training facility in the Shrewsbury area”.

09 March 2009 – Graham: Fitness instructor. (Contact me for more details: www.crossfitshropshire.com)
“I hobbled into see Paul hardly able to walk up the stairs. Paul assessed my injury and said ‘I can fix that’. I of course thought to myself some sort of negative comment but I let Paul do his work. Well after his treatment I walked out just as good as before the injury. He managed to ‘turn my hip flexor back on!!’ It was truly brilliant and since then he has helped me with other injuries (others needed more rehabilitation which Paul took time to help me with)”.

03 July 2009 – Clare: Sports Therapist. (Contact me for more details: clare@guardianangelfitness.co.uk)
“I’m a keen triathlete and a sports/remedial therapist. I was thrilled to see a massage therapist at the end of a tough hilly 133km bike challenge. As I hobbled off the bike with an achey left hip I gladly accepted the offer of a sports massage, expecting the usual post race rub down. Paul used great techniques and showed fantastic skill and improved my poor hips in a very short amount of time. I have been treated by many therapists and Paul is definitely one of the best. If only he lived closer to Harrogate!!”

11 March 2009 – Becky: Pre adventure race treatment and recovery. (Contact me for more details: beckygood100@hotmail.com)
“I have relied on Pauls skills to help get me through some gruelling adventure races! The ace race organised (Full Monty) in Shropshire involved a non-stop challenge of 24 hours of running, kayaking and mountain biking. Paul’s leg massages pre and post event meant my performance was vastly improved and recovery time after the race was very speedy. Also during a two- day race with an overnight stop waking up on the second morning with the feeling of ‘fresh legs’ after a very hard day on the hills before, felt amazing!! Paul comes highly recommended”.

10 March 2009 – Nicola: Post event treatment. (Contact me for more details: mintonic@googlemail.com)
“After a week of intensive exercise I was suffering with pains in my glutes. After one massage I felt loads better and hope to return for some more relief”.

09 March 2009 – Dave: Pre adventure race treatment and recovery. (Contact me for more details: psychedelicafrog@googlemail.com)
“I have recruited Paul’s services on a number of occasions, from treating injuries to helping me get me through two gruelling adventure races!The first was one of the Ace Races two day events involving various running, mountain biking and kayaking stages starting from a central ‘base camp’. Paul was able to treat me and my team before racing started each day, and after returning back from each stage. What a difference it made! Its just incredible – waking up to the second day of racing not feeling like my limbs were stiff and heavy was fantastic! Paul has a genuine passion for his work which is reflected by his impressive level of knowledge and understanding. I’d recommended him to anyone…”

03 March 2009 – Kerry: Fell runner suffering from knee pain. (Contact me for more details: kerry_and_harry@yahoo.co.uk)
“I sought Paul’s help after suffering from knee pain whilst fell running especially when the distances started to increase. I specifically needed help in the build up to my first Long Mynd Hike (50 miles). I have been impressed with Paul’s dedication and professionalism along with his enthusiasm which has helped me achieve goals I never thought would be possible. Without his in-clinic treatments and the home programs he devises, I wouldn’t be enjoying the endurance events I can now participate in. I have just completed another 28 mile race but this time without suffering any knee pain at all – thank you Paul”

12 March 2009 – Pete: Horse riding and other reckless activities. Multiple serious accidents! . (Contact me for more details: PJGYLDARD@aol.com).
“Meeting Paul has indeed been life changing, Pauls ability to pin point the target area and get the desired results stop nothing short of miraculous. Simply one of the best. A true professional. Cant recommend highly enough”.

Ruth: MS sufferer.
“After six years of investigation into the problem I was experiencing when walking my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis seemed like an abrupt end to the frustration of not knowing what was wrong. During this time I had visited several osteopaths and physiotherapists. I did at times find some temporary relief from discomfort but it was short lived. From the first treatment with Paul I was able to stand keeping the heal of my right foot down which i hadn’t been able to do for a couple of years and can still do so now. My flexibility has greatly improved along with better circulation and less discomfort. Paul’s positive approach has had a wonderful effect on me both physically and psychologically. I just wish more MS sufferers knew about this treatment”.


Pat: GP referal patient (with prosthetic hips and knee) for rehabilitaion exercise.
“I am the client of Paul Martin. I feel obliged to comment on my improvement since starting at the gym in April due to Osteoarthritis, (both hips and one knee replacement). With his help and enthusiasm and his knowledge and training in sports science he has been able to explain to me how some of my muscles had stopped working, and has been able to adapt exercises to strengthen my muscles and improve my disabilities. Prior to me starting I was walking with the aid of two sticks. Now thanks to Mr Paul Martin I am walking unaided and he has improved my quality of life in many ways”

04 December 2008 – Rob: extreme athlete (mountain running, mountain biking, mountaineering) experiencing disruptive knee pain.
“As one of Paul’s longest standing clients I have been consistently impressed with both his treatments and his willingness to research and try new methods and techniques in treating my ongoing knee problems. I would recommend his therapy to anyone who has suffered a sports or work injury and wants expert advice on treatment, training and recovery”.